Welcome to SciCodes!

The SciCodes Consortium is for editors and maintainers of academic discipline and institutional software registries and repositories. The Consortium enables its members to:

      • share work methods, marketing ideas, and communication practices;
      • demonstrate unique aspects of our respective services, discuss challenges and share solutions to common issues that arise in managing our resources;
      • work cooperatively to speed adoption of the CodeMeta and CFF standards and better enable software citation, recognition, and dissemination;
      • work towards a virtual registry standard to enable searching across multiple software registries.

This Consortium was established initially by members of the Best Practices for Software Registries Task Force, which formed from the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group and came to include attendees of the Scientific Software Registry Collaboration Workshop, with invitations to join extended to others editing similar resources. Those new to the Consortium may find the following links helpful:

ArXiv paper: Nine Best Practices for Research Software Registries and Repositories: A Concise Guide. Results of the discussion from the Best Practices for Software Registries Task force.

CITATION file format (CFF): format for describing plain text files with human- and machine-readable citation information for software.

CodeMeta: Community standard for providing machine-readable metadata about software repositories, in order to make them findable by search engines. CodeMeta extends Schema.org.

FAIR data principles: Principles for making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Since their definition, the FAIR data principles have been applied to other assets of scientific research, such as software, methods or scientific workflows.

FORCE11: The Future of Research and Communication e-Scholarship is an organization to help discuss and crystalize best practices for scholarship communication.

FORCE11 Software Citation Principles: FORCE11 working group to help define and adopt best practices for software citation.

 Best Practices for Software Registries Task Force: List of Best Practices on the FORCE11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group site.