SciCodes monthly meetings often include short presentations (5-10 minutes) to explore new technologies and projects of interest to the membership, describe on how the participants of the Consortium are helping to push forward best practices in different communities, and share their work with other members. Presentations are recorded and made publicly available.

Upcoming presentations

  • 17 May, 2023: Software publishing for credit, transparency, and reproducibility; joint meeting with Virtual Astronomy Software Talks (VAST). Note date change!
  • 15 June, 2023: BioImage Informatics Index, Perrine.Paul-Gilloteaux

Previous presentations

  • WikiData, Daniel Garijo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (September, 2021). Daniel provided information on what WikiData is, its relationship to Wikipedia, how data are connected and their metadata are captured, and how to edit WikiData pages. (slides)
  • The Citation File Format and Its Integrations, Stephan Druskat, German Aerospace Center (August, 2021). Stephan gave an overview of the citation file format (CITATION.cff) and its new integration with GitHub, Zenodo, and Zotero. This integration makes it easier than ever to specify how you want your software cited, and to cite the software you use. (slides)
  • Asclepias Software Citation Broker, Alex Ioannidis, CERN (July, 2021). Alex introduced the Asclepias software citation broker, which finds and aggregates different citations methods (scientific paper, proceeding, registry listing, etc.) and presents the total number of citations for a software object.
  • DOE CODE, Sara Studwell, DOE (July, 2021). Sara provided an overview of the DOE CODE repository, its mission, how software is added to it, and how to search the resource.
  • Zenodo/InvenioRDM Codemeta Integration, Tom Morrell, Caltech (June, 2021). Tom presented the work he has been doing to enrich the software metadata stored by Zenodo, both through an external process and through improving Invenio, using the CodeMeta standard.
  • SOMEF: Software Metadata Extraction Framework, Daniel Garijo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (March, 2021). In this talk Daniel presented SOMEF, a tool for automatically extracting machine-readable metadata from README files in GitHub and make them available in CodeMeta.
  • CoMSES Net CodeMeta Support, Allen Lee, School of Complex Adaptative Systems, Arizona State University (February, 2021). In this talk, Allen provides an overview of how the CoMSES Net Computational Model Library is representing the metadata of their software entries in CodeMeta.