Entities/resources have membership in SciCodes rather than individuals.

An entity/resource that is acceptable for membership has the following attributes: It holds/collects information about scientific software for the main purpose of academic/scholarly endeavors and makes interoperable metadata openly available through an open license.

Potential new members will fill out a form to request membership; applications will not be made public. The co-leads will vet the request. If they recommend acceptance, they will hold a vote by members at the next meeting. Attendees at the meeting are deemed a quorum.

Members can be accepted at any time.

Each entity has one vote.

Any interested party can join our meetings and participate in SciCodes and entities are welcome to have more than one person attend our meetings and participate in our activities.

Member entities will be listed on our website; the name of the voting representative for that entity can but does not have to be displayed.

Member can be removed when entity has not attended a meeting or voted in 12 months, or has not responded to email polls/queries. SciCodes will make a good faith effort to contact the entity by at least two emails and the SciCodes membership will vote to confirm removal of a member organization, with a quorum considered to be attendees at the SciCodes meetings where the vote is taken and a simple majority being required for removal.

The Code of Conduct codifies when an organization can be removed for violations of the Code of Conduct.

Member can be removed when entity requests withdrawal from the Consortium.